Case study:
Klaudyna Hebda Nature


Recruitment for a clinical aromatherapy company

About company

Klaudyna Hebda deals with clinical aromatherapy, herbalism and practical alchemy. Her blends have helped thousands of clients. She is the business owner of Klaudyna Hebda Nature.

The online store offers natural herbal products, such as essential oils and therapeutic herbal teas that help regulate strong emotions: anger outbursts, flood of thoughts and in aromatherapy of the upper respiratory tract.

Sector: Production of cosmetics
Challenge: Hiring 3 specialists for various positions

Changes in recruitment needs during the project - reaction time is key to success

Klaudyna Hebda needed to hire a technologist, an administration specialist and a sales representative. After starting cooperation with Talent Place, the first recommendations arrived within 14 days, but the client’s recruitment needs changed. The position of a sales representative has been replaced by a Supply Chain Specialist. The Talent Place team quickly responded to the new challenges of the project, adapting its activities to the new needs so as not to generate additional costs for the client and to shorten the search time for a new specialist as much as possible.

The overall experience of working with Talent Place is very positive, the only aspect that seemed difficult on my side was the need to react quickly. My lack of responsiveness to changing our recruitment needs actually slowed down the process as I wasn’t expecting such quick responses!Daniel Motyka, Head of Operations and Finances at Klaudyna Hebda Nature

Effects of cooperation

A dedicated recruiter recruited 3 specialists for the company who supported the client’s internal processes. The ongoing exchange of information during cooperation allows us to work out the best results. We focus on responsiveness and effectiveness, and the response to all inquiries and the provision of up-to-date information during the recruitment process makes the whole experience smooth and pleasant. Commitment and open and clear communication undoubtedly contribute to the successful recruitment of new employees.

– I am happy that I can share a positive experience with this extraordinary company that successfully recruited new employees for me. Their professionalism, efficiency and commitment to finding the perfect candidates exceeded my expectations – Daniel Motyka, Head of Operations and Finances at Klaudyna Hebda Nature

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