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Security Engineer recruitment in 7 days

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The Baltic Hub (DCT Gdansk) is Poland’s largest and fastest growing container terminal and the only deep-water terminal in the Baltic Sea with regular courses from the Far East. The terminal connects Asia, the European Union with the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the entire Baltic Sea. Its annual throughput reaches 2.7 million TEUs, and in 2021 alone DCT handled 2.1 million TEUs.

The terminal, with a total area of 88 hectares, is located in the Port of Gdansk, making it an attractive transshipment point for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Sweden or Finland. Thanks to its location at a deep-water quay, the Baltic Hub (DCT) regularly handles the world’s largest container ships. Delivering cargo to the port closest to the destination gives customers the opportunity to optimize the supply chain and reduce transportation costs.

Sector: Logistics
Number of employees: 1000-5000
Challenge: Hire an expert in charge of data security

Goal: get the best Security Engineer in a short period of time

The DCT Gdansk team found itself in front of a need to hire a Security Engineer, who would be responsible for data security and take care of the security of applications or services and control whether they work according to accepted standards. Due to the importance of the position, the company wanted to get an expert as quickly as possible, while maintaining high quality.

For this reason, DCT Gdansk decided to get support from Talent Place and outsource the project to recruiters experienced in recruiting for the IT industry. The acquisition of a Security Engineer for DCT Gdansk was handled by a preference-selected team consisting of one Client Success Manager and one IT recruiter. The IT Business Unit Manager also oversaw the quality of the process.

Crowdstaffing was the answer to challenges in IT recruitment

Shortly after setting goals and expectations, the Talent Place team sprang into action. Thanks to the crowdstaffing method supported by talent pooling DCT Gdansk received a set of 3 matched recommendations in just 7 days from the start of the cooperation. The candidates met the company’s requirements, so shortly after the recommendation was made, the company made an offer to one of the candidates.

Our cooperation with Talent Place allowed us to acquire a new Security Engineer to the team in a short period of time. The process was dynamic but the quality was not affected. The Business Unit Manager gave us feedback from the candidates and all the important information for us. – says Przemyslaw, HR Business Partner at DCT Gdansk.

Dynamism in action, an agile approach and a high quality process allowed for quick and effective recruitment. Crowdstawffing base on community recruitment is a method that allows even what are considered long and time-consuming projects, in IT recruitment, to be completed quickly. Of great importance in the Talent Place approach is talent pooling, a concept that involves recruiters consciously building a database of candidates and then using their resources. In this way, recruiters are able to reach the best candidates quickly and efficiently. As part of its partnership with Talent Place, DCT Gdansk has also hired an Information Systems Coordinator.

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