Case study:
Candy POP

Recruiting Country Manager for Lithuanian retail and e-commerce chain

About company

Candy POP is a rapidly growing chain of retail stores. Currently, they operate in several countries, such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, starting their operations in Poland. The company imports and sells sweets from the US, Asia and other countries around the world.

Sector: E-commerce
Challenge: Hiring a Country Manager when traditional recruitment methods have proven ineffective

Employment in 17 days from the start of the project

Candy POP, after launching its operations in Poland, sought a cooperation partner to help them recruit a specialist for the position of Country Manager, as standard recruitment methods proved ineffective.

Our goal was to attract a candidate with relevant experience who could join our team in a short period of time. They were looking for a reliable recruitment partner, and after conducting a market analysis, we decided to start working with Talent Place. Their extensive experience in e-commerce helped us make this decision. The cooperation began with a design briefing, where we presented our goals and expectations. The recruiter then began work on the project: sourcing, interviewing potential candidates, and then preparing candidate recommendations for us Dovydas Juskys, Candy Pop

Effects of cooperation:

A dedicated recruiter sourced for the company an adequate Country Manager matching the company’s profile and requirements. The full set of recommendations was delivered within 7 days, and the decision to hire the candidate was made in less than 3 weeks. The project was launched on March 24, and already on May 8 the specialist began his career at Candy Pop.

The rapid recruitment process saved our client time, as he received recommendations of perfectly matched candidates and did not have to incur the additional costs he would have been exposed to in case of mismatched candidates and hiring an unsuitable person.

Investment & Development

Lithuanian company Candy POP entering Poland had to recruit a person for the position of Local Director, who will be responsible for business development in the new market. The timing of hiring the specialist and the ideal match between the candidate and the company’s requirements were key here. The partnership with Talent Place provided Candy POP with a matched candidate to take over responsibility for growth in this part of Europe.

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