RPO, scaling and expansion of business into foreign markets

Recruiting carers from abroad

RPO, i.e. outsourcing of recruitment processes, is an increasingly common solution in the face of the need to quickly build new teams in companies. Why? It is associated with lower costs, shorter employment time and the support of internal HR departments. And this is especially important in the case of companies that decide to expand […]

From Recruiter to Client Success Manager – Kamila Sadło

What awaits recruiters who decide to join Talent Place? Development, support and a sense of belonging to the community. Kamila Sadło, a recruiter and Client Success Manager at Talent Place, told us about her beginnings in Community, building a career in recruitment and working with HR experts from across Poland. What was your career path […]

Recruitment in the RPO model – 8 benefits for your company

Advantages of RPO

When a company is considering working with an HR agency, it can choose one of the many cooperation models. The service of hiring a recruiter (or the entire team), who becomes part of the client’s team and carries out the entire process under his supervision and brand, is very popular on the market. This model, […]

Custom sourcing in sourcing

Sourcing of candidates

It happens that an interesting candidacy comes into your hands from the outside. However, we are well aware that such situations are rare, and in the case of the IT industry, where we are dealing with passive candidates, virtually never. Then it is worth betting on active search for candidates, or sourcing. The sourcer should […]

From freelancer to Business Unit Manager – Karolina Opaczynska

Do you want to grow as a recruiter? Complete additional projects after hours and recruit in a variety of industries! Karolina Opaczynska, IT recruiter and Business Unit Manager at Talent Place, talked about freelancing while working as a full-time employee, communication within the network of HR experts and development opportunities for recruiters in the Community. […]

On a job or project – learn about the forms of cooperation with Talent Place

Recruiters who want to cooperate with Talent Place can choose how much time they want to spend on cooperation and choose its form – become an freelance recruiter or project recruiter. How are these two paths different, and which one is for you? How to be a freelance recruiter? Do you work full-time, run your […]

From full-time job to freelancing in IT recruitment – Emilia Gromulska

How can the Talent Place’s Community help IT recruiters in their transition from full-time to freelancing? We spoke with Emilia Gromulska, IT recruiter and Client Success Manager at Talent Place, about working with Community, choosing a career path and opportunities for freelance recruiters in Talent Place with flexible working hours. What was your career path […]

Employees with German language skills sought on the labour market

One of the most desired languages by employers in Poland and other countries is German. Germany is an economic powerhouse, and in addition, Poland is in fifth place among the trading partners of our western neighbours. The ability to speak other languages opens many doors to study abroad and, in addition, German at work is […]