When and why should your company change recruitment agencies?

In Poland, we have nearly 8,000 registered employment agencies, personnel consultancies and employment intermediaries. Competition in the market is considerable. However, is every agency able to perform professional recruitment for us? Unfortunately, no. The reasons that lead to the decision to change recruitment service providers are indeed many. From the financial issue to the lack of implementation of mandated recruitment processes. It is useful to know the standards and guidelines for selecting the right cooperation partner. Let’s take a look at the most common signals that indicate it’s time to find a new recruiting partner.

Where to open an IT Hub in Poland – choose the best location [REPORT]

b2b a umowa o pracę

About 450,000 people are employed in the IT sector in Poland. Each year, more and more foreign companies decide to locate their investments here and open IT hub. Talent Place has prepared a special report on the 7 most popular cities in Poland to answer most frequently asked business questions related to investing in this country.

How to increase engagement of remote workers

Today, home office is one of the most popular benefits on the market, but not every manager is adequately prepared to coordinate a team working 100% remotely. In this article, you will learn 5 effective ways to increase the engagement of remote workers and 5 behaviors to avoid in order not to demotivate a remote team.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – future solution

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is gaining great popularity as a service adapted to the speed and intensity of changes in the labor market. What matters is flexibility and response time to get the right candidates. If your company needs to hire a lot of specialists in a short period of time, but doesn’t have the spare capacity of the HR department, this solution may be perfect for you.

Employee advocacy – how to encourage employees to become brand ambassadors? [podcast]

Employee advocacy is a relatively new concept in the market. However… What exactly is hidden under this slogan? Is it worthwhile to be interested in such activities? How do they affect the perception of the company by potential customers and employees? In our Talent Story podcast we had the opportunity to raise the issue and hear about the experience of Bartek Ziemiański from Sharebee.

Employee satisfaction survey – feedback is worth its weight in gold

Offboarding an employee is a big loss for the company. It often happens that the employer receives information about the employee’s dissatisfaction only during the exit interview, when it is already too late to change the decision. Does such a scenario have to happen? Can this be prevented? Possibly. It is necessary here to systematically survey employee satisfaction, keeping in mind open communication and drawing conclusions.

Onboarding of employees – what do you need to know about it?

Onboarding of employees

Onboarding is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in an employee’s life cycle in an organization. However, it is often underestimated, and not enough time and attention is given to the implementation of the employee. Why? Changes occurring over the past few years have, on the one hand, made it easier and, on the […]

Crowdstaffing as one of the most effective methods of conducting effective recruitment

Is there a way to unite great HR professionals from several business areas, combine their career goals, give them a chance for multi-track development, and at the same time raise recruiting standards for multiple industries all the time? The answer is yes! This is due to the increasingly dynamic digitized recruitment model of crowdstaffing. The […]