Internal recruitment – pros and cons

Any company that has employees and opens a new vacancy faces the choice of one of two paths to attract candidates for the position – it can recruit internally or externally. Internal recruitment is based on employees currently employed by the company, while external recruitment involves attracting new candidates through various external channels. Both recruitment methods have their pros and cons. Each company should assess which option will be more favorable based on the current situation, the general labor market situation, and the specifics of the position itself. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment.

How to find a job you will love?

We spend a significant part of our lives at work, so it’s worth ensuring that our job duties are, as much as possible, in line with our interests, and certainly that what we do for a living gives us satisfaction and joy. I think everyone would like to be paid for what they like to do. Find out how to successfully find a job that you will enjoy.

Ghosting: why did my Candidate disappear?

ghosting in recruitment

I suspect that each of us has been ignored by someone at least once in our lives. Someone cut off contact with you, stopped responding to your calls, texts, emails and started acting as if you never knew each other before. If you have had at least one such situation in your life, you are among those who have experienced the phenomenon of “ghosting” on your own skin. Or perhaps you yourself are a person who has committed ghosting, e.g. on a telemarketer to whom you could not refuse to listen to his offer, said you would consider it, then after the call ended you blocked his number or wrote it down as “DO NOT ANSWEAR!”?