How to set priorities and goals in remote work?

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we work forever. Many teams started to work remotely practically overnight. However, is it easy to switch to remote work in express mode? Such a form of fulfilling duties can be very effective, but we have to pay attention to a few unobvious issues. One of them is setting goals and priorities that will enable effective home office work.

I want to change my career path – how to do it reasonably?

After completing your education and deciding on your professional development, it is time to find a job. We find a job for ourselves. Sometimes it is more in line with our expectations, sometimes less – but we try to perform our duties as best and conscientiously as possible. Often, after a while it turns out that the job is no longer satisfactory and we start to feel that it is time for a change. We don’t find ourselves completely in our profession and we start thinking about changing our profession and educating new skills.